Skills Courses

Zero Balancing Skills courses are mostly developed by individual teachers and reflect the areas of their personal interest and inspiration in the field of Zero Balancing. As such, they offer an eccelectic range of experiences to deepen further your understanding of Zero Balancing in a variety of specialist fields.

Held twice a year inspring and autumn, ZBA UK National Study Days attract Certified Zero Balancing Practitioners and students from all over the country. Hosted by the ZBA UK Teaching Group, they offer participants a wonderful opportunity to work with colleagues and receive high-quality feedback on their Zero Balancing skills in a supportive environment. The days usually include a number of presentations on various aspects of the protocol and an opportunity to swap Zero Balancing sessions. Anyone who has taken Core ZB I is welcome to attend, making it an ideal occasion for those old and new to Zero Balancing to connect with the wider Zero Balancing community. These days are also a welcome chance to come together and catch up on community news and enjoy a bring-and-share lunch, which is always a real treat!


Cost: Members £40 - Non-Members £57
Cost of attendance at one National Study Day per year is included in your annual ZBA UK Membership fee.

Local Study Days tend to be smaller than than National Study Days offering participants a more initimate environment for anyone having completed Core ZB I to explore further their understanding of Zero Balancing principles and the Zero Balancing protocol. They are hosted by individual Zero Balancing Teachers in their local area and provide participants a unique opportunity to explore individual student queries in small groups, with ample time for exercises to practise new skills. Teachers are very much hands-on during the day working closely with students and offering experienced feedback. As with National Study Days, a bring-and-share lunch is a highlight!
Cost: Members & Non-Members £40 + optional room rental fee at the discretion of the teacher

Local study days are an ideal time to reconnect with fellow Zero Balancers and develop further your ZB skills, answer any questions or bubble-ups and share high-quality hands-on feedback.
Start date 15 May 2017 10:00 am
Course End Date 15 May 2017 4:30 pm
Individual Price £40.00
Location Highgate, London
Local study days offer a friendly, hands-on environment in which to explore the Zero Balancing principles and protocol. They are open to anyone having completed Core ZB I and offer ample time for Zero Balancing exchange and to practise new skills.
Start date 27 May 2017 10:00 am
Course End Date 27 May 2017 4:00 pm
Individual Price £40.00
Location Glasgow