Advanced ZB courses

The Zero Balancing curriculum is arranged into three general categories, namely Core Zero Balancing (which includes Core ZB I and Core ZB II workshops), Skills courses and Advanced courses. All Zero Balancing courses are taught in a variety of formats that can range from 5 consecutive days, 2 consecutive weekends to 2 introductory days, followed by a series of evening classes. Formats are at the discretion of the individual Zero Balancing Teacher. For more information on Zero Balancing courses currently available please view our Course Calendar, or contact Rosanna Price if you would like to host a Zero Balancing course in your area.

Advanced Zero Balancing courses, as the name suggests, take your Zero Balancing skills to another level. The curricula for all these inspiration classes were developed by Dr Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing. These classes not only offer a chance for you to hone your own Zero Balancing bodywork skills in the company of like-minded colleagues, they also open a door into the world of alchemy and quantum physics, exploring how such modern scientific theories inform this unique form of bodywork. These courses are taught in the UK by a number of experienced Zero Balancing Teachers.

Freely Moveable Joints: Beyond the Protocol

Alchemy of Touch

Advanced Zero Balancing at Gaunts House

Geometry of Healing

Certification Programme requirement


This 5-day residential Zero Balancing Masterclass is held annually in July at Gaunts House in Dorset. It is the highlight of the Zero Balancing year in the UK, with a mixture of serious study, social interaction and just plain fun, offering an opportunity for Zero Balancers to work with members of the UK Teaching Group, who each bring a unique perspective and ideas from their growing edge. This workshop is a requirement towards Certification in Zero Balancing.

This year the UK teachers welcome Jim McCormick to teach 'Touching the Whole Person'. This is a course designed to help experienced Zero Balancers learn to feel more deeply into the held energy in the bone and the energetic field and learn to identify the quality of the energy and the content held in an imbalance. The workshop will take place from Wednesday 4th - Sunday 8th July 2018.
Start date 04 Jul 2018 4:00 pm
Course End Date 08 Jul 2018 4:00 pm
Individual Price £599.00
Location Gaunts House, Dorset