Zero Balancing Around the World

"Together, we are laying the groundwork for Zero Balancing to bring
harmony and balance to the world, far into the future." Fritz Smith, MD

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The Zero Balancing Foundation (ZBF) was created in 2005 with the mission of promoting individual and world well-being through the use, education and research of skilled touch, in particular, that of Zero Balancing.

Fritz Smith MD (President), Jim McCormick (Treasurer) and Karli Beare (Secretary) currently guide this non-profit organization on behalf of the worldwide ZB community.

During the past 35 years, almost 1000 practitioners have successfully completed the Zero Balancing Certification Programme, practising Zero Balancing in 14 countries around the world.
As part of its work, the ZBF consults and advises the established Zero Balancing Associations in North America & Mexico, the United Kingdom & Europe and Australasia, supporting Zero Balancing research and education in these countries.

Its remit, which includes the approval of new Zero Balancing courses, Zero Balancing Certification Programme curriculum and requirements, and Zero Balancing Teacher Training Programmes, enables the ZBF to establish the standards of practice of Zero Balancing internationally - maintaining what we call the 'Middle C' of Zero Balancing.

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