What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing can help reduce stress by promoting an optimal flow of energy
through your body.

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Zero Balancing can help us to stay healthy. By working with your body, Zero Balancing can help to relieve pain and reduce stress, leaving you feeling restored and relaxed. Zero Balancing is based on the understanding that energy exists as a force within our body, with its own anatomy, its own function and its own disorders. It recognizes the idea that as energy flows through our bodies, it does so in relationship with our body's structure, in particular our bones and skeleton. What sets Zero Balancing apart and makes it unique is that it focuses on this dynamic marriage between energy and structure in our body, very much as a sailor pays attention to how the wind engages a sail to ensure the boat moves forward smoothly and easily. Zero Balancing supports this inner relationship, enabling you to feel more attuned to your body and in so doing, more able to navigate life, no matter how stormy the waters.

Practitioners work by holding points of stillness created through touch, using gentle finger pressure or stretches. This can facilitate a positive release of tension in the body and mind. In this way we can simply let go of the stresses and strains of life and drop into a deep state of relaxation. Not only can such a release feel incredibly good to experience, it can also leave a profound sense of inner ease and well-being that we may feel in our bones.

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Bones conduct the strongest flows of energy through the body and the quality of this 'bone energy' determines where we work. We also pay particular attention to those joints in the body that conduct gravity and balance posture and movement. Because these key joints naturally have a small range of motion, when they become compromised, the body has few options to resolve the restriction, compensating elsewhere. For example, an imbalance in the tarsal bones of the foot might therefore present as pain and discomfort in the knee, or hip. Zero Balancing directly addresses these joint imbalances. We recognize that small changes in function in these 'foundation' joints will produce a significant improvement in body ease and alignment.

Zero Balancing teacher Judith Sullivan created a YouTube video called 'The Energy Effect' to share her interpretation and explanation of how energy affects the body and how Zero Balancing can engage with it.

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