Description of a Zero Balancing Session

A Zero Balancing session provides an opportunity for you to feel relaxed and 'at home' in your body


Each Zero Balancing session begins with a brief conversation with your practitioner, giving you an opportunity to explain what you hope to get out of the session. Your practitioner will then follow a protocol that starts with you sitting up, while they focus on your back and shoulders. You will then be invited to lie down, so, for your comfort, it's best to wear loose clothing.

Your practitioner will continue to evaluate and to balance the flow of energy through your body structure, using gentle finger pressure and held stretches that can feel pleasurable as your body releases and relaxes.


As the session continues, it's a common experience for any 'head chatter' to drop away as your mind becomes increasingly quiet and meditative, and your body moves towards an optimal inner balance and stillness.


Each session is unique and lasts between 20-40 minutes, depending on your specific needs. After the session, your practitioner will give you a few moments to rest before inviting you to stand up and walk around to integrate the work and notice any changes in your body.

If you're new to Zero Balancing, we recommend booking three sessions over a period of three to eight weeks. Having regular sessions within this sort of time frame helps to anchor newly experienced inner ease and structural flexibility in your body. After that, many people enjoy Zero Balancing as an integral part of their lives, having a regular session every four to five weeks to maintain their sense of wellbeing, while others choose to have occasional sessions to 'top up' as needed.