The Benefits of Zero Balancing


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Regular Zero Balancing sessions release stress and tension held in our bodies and minds. It is the perfect therapy to maintain good health. It can relieve symptoms caused by energetic or structural imbalance through encouraging flexibility and alignment with an approach which is truly holistic. We recommend receiving several sessions to begin with, then discussing with your Zero Balancer how you might continue the value of its benefits. 


When might you consider having a Zero Balancing session?

Clearing stress and held tensions

Zero Balancing is perfect for when you feel your life is becoming overwhelmed by stresses you are struggling to deal with. These may be disturbing now but ongoing disturbance may lead to imbalance and ill health. Clients frequently report feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed after a session, more able to adapt and deal with the causes of their stress. This leads to an improved capacity to enjoy a better experience of daily life.

“Zero Balancing has helped me deal with family crises and the unexplained pains and headaches I was suffering with.” – Zero Balancing client

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Flexibility and posture

It is valuable to keep our body free of stiffness and to be well aligned. Zero Balancing enhances the quality of and the range of motion in our joints. It helps the co-ordinated movement of our body. Zero Balancing is also a perfect bodywork therapy if you are practicing Yoga or Tai chi for example, as it works with similar principles of body-mind awareness.   

“I feel taller and freer in my body” – Zero Balancing client

Easing aches and pains

Body pain can occur where energy flow through our body becomes restricted, blocked or weakened, which can occur in areas of tension or overuse. By aligning the densest tissues of the bones and joints with the energy flowing through them, Zero Balancing facilitates the dissolution of limiting and uncomfortable patterns, thereby releasing the client’s energy back into them.  As it touches both body and mind it can ease discomfort arising from distress on many levels, clearing, calming and nurturing an experience of peaceful harmony within yourself.

“Zero Balancing has really helped clear the stiffness in my back which I had noticed since I’ve been carrying my new-born child.”– Zero Balancing client

Adapting to transitions in your life

Major changes such as moving house, changing jobs, bereavement or difficulties in close relationships are times when we need to be in the best of form. Zero Balancing provides a perfect support by tuning your structure and energy to optimum functioning so you can take on challenges through being at ease in yourself.

“Zero Balancing grounds me when I am in turbulence. I find it very affirming.” – Zero Balancing client


Returning to being here and fully present  

The constant overstimulation of electronic media can override our instincts for our true needs by seducing us into an over-activity which captivates our senses. Our awareness can become set on a level of 24/7 heightened alertness. The ability to know how to be at rest whilst being awake becomes lost. This may lead to disturbance in sleep patterns or background agitation which can precede exhaustion. Zero Balancing is a perfect way of bringing you back to yourself. It returns you to a real time awareness of being back in touch with your real self through direct body-felt experience. An example of a modern challenge is recovering from jet lag. Your physical body has arrived, but you are left waiting for your energy and body rhythms to catch up. Zero Balancing is excellent at bringing your structure and energy congruent to clear the disruption of this dislocation.

“I feel I’ve returned home” – Zero Balancing client

Problem solving and creative insights

It is frequently acknowledged that our perception of apparently insoluble situations or creative blocks can radically change when we gain access to deep levels of integration and rest within our minds and bodies. Managers, businesspeople, as well as artists, from composers to dancers, have found Zero Balancing valuable in the discovery of new solutions, or aiding a return to the creative flow of inspiration. As Zero Balancing addresses the whole body it helps the realisation and subsequent manifestation of beneficial change. 

“I stood up after the session, went straight to the piano and played a new piece which I had been struggling to write.” – A composer following Zero Balancing

Reparative touch

Our natural responses to being touched can become distorted by traumatic experiences of abuse or prolonged physical or emotional pain. Zero Balancing establishes a clear relationship of safety between the therapist and the client whereby the boundaries of touch and communication are distinct and non-intrusive.  The safety of this respectful inter-connection enables the client to reclaim their body and rediscover the positive nature of a human touch which develops a trust which has become lost or damaged. 

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