The Benefits of Zero Balancing

“When there is an issue in the body, somewhere, there is another end of the string.”
Fritz Smith MD

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In a world of healthcare that is diagnostic, focusing primarily on symptoms, Zero Balancing offers a truly holistic alternative. Zero Balancing recognises that whilst symptoms are an important signal, they exist within the dynamic of the whole body, and so should be addressed accordingly. By working with your body as a functioning whole, the potential healing possibilities and benefits of Zero Balancing are therefore infinite. Zero Balancing works sympathetically with a variety of modalities and actively supports a process of personal development.

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For example, pain felt in your elbow might well have been caused by a local trauma. But in reality, such pain is often referred, the source (and how it can be resolved) being found in held bone tension elsewhere in your body. Resolving such elbow pain by rebalancing your upper back and rib cage, can also fundamentally change the way you breathe. As the functionality of your ribcage increases so there will be more space for your lungs to expand into, enabling you to absorb more oxygen. You might then report more settled sleep patterns, consequently feeling more vital and energised and generally 'well' in a way that is difficult for you to describe or to quantify.


Zero Balancing also recognises that, on occasion, a serious accident or a difficult life experience can leave an unconscious legacy that thereafter manifests in a restrictive physical pattern within the body. This legacy can become habitual, as the body attempts to integrate the experience, and/or painful as the body struggles to compensates around it. How many of us have reflected that "since so-and-so happened I just haven't felt myself"? Or perhaps noticed that when we have suffered a bereavement or a shock our posture changes for the worse and we catch ourselves stooping forward, placing a significant new physical stress on our lower back that limits our movement.

Acknowledging that such experiences can leave such a legacy and by paying attention to where in the body such an energy block has lodged, a Zero Balancing session can facilitate a profound emotional release that reframes a client's personal history in multitude of unexpected, but exciting and welcome ways.

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